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Where are the Best Cafes to Take Instagram Photos in Singapore: A List

Visiting cafes with your loved ones in your spare time is something that words fail to describe. Also, cafe meetings provide a myriad of other benefits. You get to socialize, chat, and even come up with bright ideas for your work. There have been many instances of successful meetings or innovations at a cafe. People often share their stories on social networks. If you’re one such enthusiast, you may want to figure out the right cafe for photos. So, where are the best cafes to take Instagram photos in Singapore?


Best cafes for Instagram photos


Plenty of factors need consideration when deciding the visit for brunch. The quality of the coffee and the food stands paramount. Also, the seating arrangement and the atmosphere play a vital role. Some cafe owners consider all important parameters when designing their outlets. So, they receive a regular stream of customers. Here’s a list of popular cafes to snap your Instagram photos.


Wheeler’s Yard


The cafe rests on the main roads of Balestier. While the exterior may not look much appealing, the interior may grab your attention quickly. It’s a large cafe where you won’t need to battle for an empty seat. The outlet features vintage decorations and the servings are mind-blowing. Just place your order and take a quick snap with your loved ones for an upcoming Instagram post.


Merci Marcel


It specializes in French dinner. Situated at Tiong Bahru, the chic cafe is a preferred spot for photo-shoots, thanks to its elegant interior and photogenic garden space. You may hang with your buddies to relax and try some lip-licking delicacies. While you get on with your servings, you may shoot and share appealing photos for those not present there.

The Glasshouse


The outlet is unquestionably one of the best cafes for Instagram posts. The visuals and the aesthetics can take you to a new world. You could cherish the slight warmth of the morning sun while trying your coffee. If you feel like eating, pair your coffee with their toast offerings. From flooring to windows, minimalistic furnishing to tropical potted plants, you get the perfect background and lighting for that amazing Instagram picture.




Resting along the Haji Lane, the cafe is perfect for your weekend brunch. Both the exterior and interior of the outlet are visually appealing and drive any passerby crazy. Plus, they allow pets too. So, why not pay a visit and shoot memorable pictures for Instagram posts? Visit us at

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