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Shoes with high arch support can reduce heel pain

The shape and size of the feet of a person depends to a large extent on hereditary factors and lifestyle. While some people are fortunate enough to have feet whose shape is similar to the ideal size, there are some individuals who have a high arch.The arch of the foot is consider high, when the height is more than the average height of the arch. This increases the stress on the ball and heel. If conventional shoes are used, walking or running long distances can be painful for a person with high arches. Though using insoles may help in providing temporary relief, ideally the person should purchase one or more specially designed shoe with high arch support.

Based on whether the shoe will be used for walking, running or other activities, there may be further differences in the design of the shoes for high arches. However, whatever the application, all the shoes will have an insole for the high arch. This will cushion the high arch to some extent and reduce the stress on the other parts of the feet. Since the height of the arch will vary, the person should get the orthotic insoles or inserts only after measuring the arch height. Many users are ordering the insoles online, so they should be careful while measuring the foot dimensions.

Another consideration while purchasing the shoe is the material of the shoe, especially the insole which is used. It is important to ensure that the material is soft enough for comfort and hard enough to provide support to the feet. While plush is soft enough for comfort, it may not provide support. Hence a combination may have to be used. Most of the shoe manufacturers are offering a midsole made from different materials for additional cushioning. Air cushioning, gel cushioning and foam are some of the materials which are used. In some cases, if the cushioning provided for the shoe is not adequate,inserts may be added which are made from leather or other material.

While some people are suffering from heel pain because of heel spurs, or hereditary factors, in many cases, the heel pain is because of lifestyle problems, like playing high impact sports which involve jumping repeatedly or walking in an abnormal manner. In other cases, shoes which do not fit properly, can also cause heel pain. Individuals living in Singapore who are suffering from heel pain should try and get heel pain treatment Singapore at the earliest. If they delay the treatment, the problem could aggravate fast and treatment will become more expensive.

The doctor will examine the feet in which the person is experiencing pain to diagnose the reason for the pain. In some cases, the doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to reduce the strain on the feet. In other cases, if the heel pain is caused because the shoes are not fitting the patient properly, the doctor may recommend that the patient uses shoes specially designed to alleviate foot pain. There are some shoes available which are designed for use with orthotic inserts to reduce the heel pain.

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