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Perks of Being a Good Tenant and Cleaning Your Room

The relationship between landlord and tenant can be easily strained. With different expectations, needs, and money exchanged, the act of renting gets complicated. However, if done right, these types of connections are often advantageous. Something as simple as cleaning your room could make all the difference. Here are some reasons why it pays to be a good tenant and clean your room!

#1: It feels good!

Both scientific and anecdotal evidence show the positive effects of living in a clean and organized space. It does wonders for physical and mental health, reducing stress, anxiety, and pesky germs that cause illnesses. Keeping a tidy and sanitary room while you’re renting not only helps keep you healthy, but happy as well. In addition, when it comes time to leave your renting situation and move to the next, you have a good feeling and sense of pride knowing that you left the place in good order for whoever comes next.


#2: Your landlord will thank you.

Owners are usually juggling several properties, or at the very least a career and/or family. The last thing they want to have to worry about is cleaning up someone else’s horrible mess. Let’s face it: we’re all adults and it’s time we act like it. While their properties are their responsibility, they entrust certain spaces to your care in the hopes that you will do your fair share. They hand over a space to you, and you, in turn, help take care of it. Cleaning your room throughout your stay and before you leave will take a load off their shoulders, and to be honest, people need that these days!


#3: Good word travels with you! Think: upgrades.

It is always a good idea to leave on good terms with your landlord, because they can have a lot of power in your next move. Many owners require references from previous places you stayed, and those comments can make or break your living status. If a landlord has complaints from your time in their home, other potential owners may turn you away. On the other hand, if your landlord gives you nothing but glowing reviews, that could make all the difference in you getting to stay in a new, shinier, fancier place. Regular cleaning, and a good DEEP clean before you leave the place will absolutely help win over your landlord’s opinion, which always stays with you. Then, when you want to make that upgrade, you know there is someone who can vouch for how lovely and responsible you are. I’ve witnessed this firsthand: when leaving the last place I rented, I made sure to go the extra mile with my cleaning. The landlord was so impressed that he personally thanked me and made sure I knew that he’d help me in any way he could moving forward. That alone makes chasing those dust bunnies worth it.

Being a responsible and trustworthy tenant is highly sought after by owners. It doesn’t take much to build a good relationship with whoever you rent from, and it can all start with simply cleaning your room. If you are looking for house cleaning Singapore, be sure to check out Singapore House Cleaning.

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