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Most Fashionable Trends of 2019

Keeping up with fashion trends is no easy task, and every day it may seem like something new is in, while something that was just popular is now out. No one wants to be the person at the party wearing something that is so last year, but you also don’t want to invest in a $400 pair of plastic boots just to have them fall out of style a week later. This guide will look at some of the most fashionable trends of 2019 and help you navigate the ever-changing world of high-fashion in order to upgrade your wardrobe and remain the stylish one in your friend group.

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Bike Shorts

Keeping up with fashion can often mean keeping up with the Kardashians, and when it comes to our number one item this is certainly the case. Known for being an absolute icon, Kim Kardashian introduced the fashion world to bike shorts, and took a lot of heat while doing so. However, the laughter quickly turned to interest and now you can see people sporting bike shorts all over Instagram and on catwalks. Easy to pair with oversized hoodies and comfortable sneakers, this is one trend that doesn’t follow the “fashion equals pain” rule.



Building on the bike shorts, blazers became a wardrobe staple and were easily one of the most fashionable trends of 2019. Dressed up or down, you could throw one on over your bike shorts, or pair it with an a-line skirt for a more interview-friendly look. Perfect for looking chic at brunch, or dancing the night away at a party, blazers came in hot and have remained incredibly popular to date.



Animal Print

While leopard print has always held its place in the realm of fashion, it wasn’t quite as popular as it was in 2019. Loud and bold, this trend went from adding in a printed pair of shoes to seeing women wearing entire jumpsuits with all over spots. As one of the most fashionable trends of 2019, this sassy style encouraged everyone to really release their wild side.



Bucket Hats

You may have felt like you stepped back into the 90s with this strange trend, but bucket hats made a prominent appearance throughout the year. Brought to popularity by famous rapped Schoolboy Q, men and women were seen donning these both on the beach and at the clubs. Both functional and stylish, bucket hats add an effortlessly cool touch to nearly any outfit you pick.




The most fashionable trends of 2019 were broad, and we saw everything from boho chic to colored tartan make an appearance. While some, like the items listed above, remained at the top of the charts, others faded within months or even weeks. As more prominent celebrities begin dictating the trends, we are seeing style changing on a regular basis, and it leads to an ever-shifting wardrobe that is fun and exciting. No more painful shoes or tight corsets, 2019 idolized comfort over anything else, and that’s a trend we hope sticks around indefinitely!

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