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Five Tips to Help you Choose The best Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are pretty standard in retail shops as they make work easy when selling and arranging commodities at the shop. Generally, these gadgets are used to read the printed barcodes, decode the data contained in the barcode and send the data to a computer. Then check the price of the commodity or even the number of the same items is available at the shop. There are multiple types of barcode scanners in the market to choose from. However, it is crucial to know what you need from your gadget to make your work easy and ensure you select a model that suits your work. Here are some tips to guide you when choosing a barcode scanner for your retail shop.

1. How is your flooring level?

Barcode scanners are pretty crucial when it comes to checking items that are stored at different floor levels. So, it would be best if you made sure that the scanner you choose can reach the furthest shelf of the retail shop. Although barcode scanners are made with wireless design, it is still crucial to know how many fits the reading signals can reach. Then compare that with the height flooring of your shop. If it has a higher signal reading than your shop, well, go for that barcode scanner, but it has lesser reading signal power; choose another.

2. The type of barcode scanner to buy is crucial

There are different types of barcode scanners in the market, something you should keep in mind when choosing one. These are; image scanners, pen scanners, wand scanners, laser scanners, and even CCD. The commonly used barcode scanners are the laser scanners and CCD. This is because they have a better reading range, and their error margin is relatively slim compared to the other models. Also, these two scanners have a high scanning speed, something you need for your shop mainly when you have multiple customers.

3. It should be easy to sue

The last thing you need is to spend a lot of time figuring out how to scan commodities at your shop, especially when selling to your customers. The press buttons should be straightforward, and the pairing of the scanner to the computer should be effortless.

4. Choose a lightweight barcode scanner

Imagine holding a 50-pound barcode scanner to check packages stored on the fourth shelf of your retail shop? This would be tiring and time-consuming. So, as much as you need to focus on a durable barcode scanner with excellent features like compatibility, ease of use, and high range, you also need to consider your comfort. A good barcode scanner should be comfortable to hold with one hand when using.

5. Versatile POS compatibility is good

What kind of POS is your business using? When buying a barcode scanner for your shop, you need to keep this in mind. These gadgets are different as some models may be compatible with additional software, others are only meant to work with one software, which you may not be use at your retail. So, always choose a scanner that can work with more than one software. If you change your business software, you will not have to buy a new barcode scanner.


Barcode scanners are great for keeping track of inventory, making sales easy, and so on. As you purchase a barcode scanner for running your retail business, use these top five tips to help you choose a durable, convenient, and compatible barcode scanner for your business.

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