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Benefits of a restaurant order management platform

Due to changing consumer preferences, customers now do expect that they should be able to easily order their meals online. To stay competitive and make the order process streamlined, many restaurants are now using real-time tracking applications. These platforms assist restaurants to manage purchase orders and stock levels.

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Once you acquire this software, you can enjoy the following features.

  1. i) Upload and receive automatic updates


With the restaurant order management platform, you can upload the menu items, ingredients and update their quantities. You can also enter vital data such as the names of the products, suppliers, product code and quantity you received. When you update, automatically your inventory will update too, and you can integrate your application with a point of sale system so that every time a client buys food or drinks, the system will update the stock levels automatically.


  1. ii) Real-time alerts


With restaurant order management software you can set it such that it alerts you when a certain product is out of stock. You can also set it to send notifications any time a menu product becomes less profitable especially when suppliers increase their prices or when you are getting fewer purchase order. The notifications can be sent through email or dashboard or push notifications.


iii) Vendor management

The order management platform must enable you to create purchase orders, add vendors and also send your orders to the suppliers online. This can minimize the time that you would have to spend in visiting the suppliers to present your orders, It can also prevent you from making costly errors.


  1. iv) Reports


Reports are very important as they can offer you an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the daily activities, finances and performance of your restaurant. When you analyze this data, you can come up with various ways that can enable you to increase the efficiency and profitability of your restaurant. Some of the reports you can consider in this case are:

  1. a) Profitability ratios

Through these reports, you can know the cash flow of your restaurant as you will compare the inflows and outflows. When it comes to expenditure you can look at the cost of food and drinks, insurance, rent, utilities and payroll. Through your analysis, you can know the profit margins of the foods that you sell in your restaurant.

  1. b) Sales performance

They can assist you to know the most-ordered menu items, therefore you can have plans of availing important ingredients in time. Through the sales reports, you can also know the items which are least ordered items so that you can reduce them in your stock or decide to do away with them.


  1. c) Stock levels.

They can assist you to continue knowing about the amount of stock that you have in your store. You can also know if the chefs are using the correct portions or if there is an issue of food theft in your restaurant.


If you have been using spreadsheets in managing orders in your restaurant, it’s high time that you leave. By hiring professional developers, they can design for you an excellent restaurant order management platform that can enable you to enjoy the above benefits.

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