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Aerocredit offers short term personal loans in Singapore is a licensed money lender offering short term personal loans in Singapore

Young people especially those with families have many expenses and often do not have much saved money. They sometimes find that require some money urgently and that the consequences of non-payment will adversely affect their reputation, health, or result in inconvenience and wastage of time. While the amount that is required is not very large most conventional lenders like banks are extremely risk averse and will mainly consider the credit record of the loan applicant. Hence many people are interested in finding a company offering a short term personal loan in Singapore at reasonable rates like


In the last few decades, has given personal loans to thousands of people for shorter periods of time, usually less than one year. Based on the data available, it finds that most borrowers have valid reasons for applying for a loan like
– health problems, unexpected illness of borrower or any family member
– involved in a vehicle accident, resulting in injuries and damage to the vehicle
– unexpected legal expenses for individual, relative or friend
– natural calamity like flooding, fire
– damage to property, like building collapse, plumbing problems requiring repair
– victim of a crime like a robbery, burglary, pickpocketing


A person who is having financial problems and requires money urgently is usually under a lot of stress. Hence the loan officers at Aerocredit are trained to be polite, friendly, and considerate while dealing with the loan applicant. The basic criteria for applying for a personal loan is that the borrower should be either a citizen of Singapore or permanently reside in Singapore, or have a valid work permit to work in Singapore. Only individuals who are above the age of the 21 can apply for the loan. Usually, a credit check will be carried and salaried borrowers usually find it easier to get loan approval.


One of the main advantages of taking a personal loan from is that they a well-established moneylender, who is registered with the regulatory authority in Singapore for moneylenders. This ensures that the terms and conditions for the personal loan are reasonable, the monthly interest rate and penalties will not exceed the amount specified by the government agencies. The company is also ethical in its conduct, and will not indulge in illegal activities if there is any delay in repayment of the loan. They will also consider loan applicants who do not have a good credit score or already have taken loans from banks or other money lenders.


Most people who require a personal loan for a short period of time, require the money urgently. Hence is highly recommended since the loan application process is simple, they process all loan applications quickly and do not charge any processing fee. The rates which they charge for the personal loan are extremely reasonable. The staff is well trained and is willing to take the risk, if the borrower can show that he will have sufficient income in the next few months, to repay the personal loan.

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