The Battle between the only comparisons: Giga Sim or Circles life?

Among many good choices, Circles life vs Giga Sim plans Singapore are two of the biggest telephone companies here in Singapore who deserve to be the only best sims in comparison!

These preferable choices have become the crowd favorite for their promising and incredible offers! But, like all good things in the world, we have the irresistible need to choose.

Tough decision, right? To help you out before you get stressed in choosing only the best, here is the only comparison guide you need to see in choosing between Circles life or Giga Sim.

Circles life vs Giga sim only comparison Singapore–what’s better?

Circles life
Circles life utilizes the network called M1 4G that secures 99% Singapore-wide 4G network coverage. Wherever you go in Singapore, whether you ride the subway—yes, in the underground—you can still be reached by friends and family, and you can still be able to contact them …

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